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I'm Jordan, a strategy focused designer and aspiring Chief Marketing Officer with 6 years of professional experience. This portfolio contains a collection of work assembled for your viewing pleasure.

Scroll down and enjoy!

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"As an art director at Amazon, I managed Jordan in his role as production designer. Jordan is a skilled designer with technical expertise that he shared readily. Jordan is highly communicative and some one I could always count on for his follow-through – from the smallest one-off task to a major campaign update. Jordan's design expertise, positive attitude and willingness to dive into all kinds of project are all reasons I would absolutely recommend Jordan!"

Hannah Jurist-Shoen
Art Director, Amazon

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"I had the pleasure of working with Jordan for two years at Ruggable, where I helped hire him and was his manager on the Brand Design team. Jordan’s extensive knowledge coupled with his drive and dedication, made him an invaluable asset to our team, and his ability to stay calm under pressure allowed us to meet tight deadlines. Above all, Jordan is a team player who shows respect for his coworkers and enjoys collaborating with them on projects. I highly recommend working with Jordan."

Colin Rush
Senior Graphic Designer, Ruggable


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